Tall Stacked Pebble Lamp
BJHL003 Stacked Pebble effect table lamp
Price £69
Small Stacked Pebble Lamp
BJHL004 Stacked Pebble Effect in Creamy White
Price £49
Wood Pebble Lamp with shade
Wooden stacked pebble lamp complete with shade. H:440mm
Brown Marble Lamp with Gold Shade
A wonderful lamp with a gold shade. H:730mm
Brass Weave Effect Ball Lamp
2 sizes 7" & 9" (Parchment shade)
£75 & £85
Silver Weave Effect Ball Lamp
Available in 2 sizes
£75 & £85
Weave Effect Metallic Jar Lamps
brass or silver finish
Metallic ‘Ridges’ Ball Lamps
Available in brass or silver finish
Metallic ‘Ridges’ Jar Lamps
Available in brass or silver finish
Large Beige&Sage Ceramic Pattern Lamp
A stylish addition to any room in the house, large lamp complete with shade in a beige and sage pattern. H:880mm
Carved Base Lamp with Shade
An intricately carved lamp complete with shade, reminiscent of some of the fine tapestries seen throughout Europe across the ages, infinitely chic and ornamental and a very beautiful piece. H:920mm
Cream Crackle Glaze Lamp
BJNC028 Stylish Squashed Square Lamp
Price £75
Slim Metal Column Lamp & Shade
3140000 Metal Column Table Lamp
Price £45
Large Patterned Lamp
Large Patterned Lamp H:900mm
Medium White Squat Urn Lamp
BDDA016 White squat urn shaped table lamp
Price £49
Red and White Patterned Vase Lamp
Tall Lamp with Shade
Tall and sleek and a throwback to the fine ironmongery of Europe across the ages, carved with a twisted wrought iron-esque décor, this lamp would make a fine aesthetic to complete any room. H:680mm
Blue and White Pattern Vase Lamp