Hanging Decor

“To the World” Wall Plaque
An all to often forgotten tenet of life, there to remind you daily that you're the world to someone, important and beautiful - a thought provoking and beautiful addition to any wall space. W:400mm H:400mm
Cream Wall Shelf with Hooks
A beautiful and slightly distressed wall shelf with a cream shabby chic finish, practical and stylish. L:160mm W:660mm H:490mm D:160mm
Large Decorative Metal Panel
A beautiful metal panel decoration, drawing inspiration from the window frames and city gates of some of the worlds oldest and most beautiful cities, a guaranteed head-turning and eye-catching decorative piece. W:505mm H:1775mm
Glass Butterfly
Large Rectangular Mirror
A large ornate and beautifully carved rectangular mirror, guaranteed to command the eye and bring style and class to your wall space. W:1420mm H:2300mm