Swinging Bird Metal Stakes
7951300 Swinging birds on stake
Price £16
Mottled Glass Tealight Holders
8646500 Mottled Glass Tea Light Holder
Price £10 99 Each
Imitation Lemons
BKMM080 Realistic Limes
Price £3 25
Mottled Blue/Green Glass Bottles
8646600 Green & Blue Bottles
Price £12 99
Imitation Limes
BKMM081 Regular size Limes
Price £3 25
Lavender in Ribbon Tied Hessian
8653900 Lavender in a Hessian Wrap
Price £6 99
Imitation Artichoke Heads
BKMM105 Realistic Green Artichoke Head
Price £7 50
Tall Metal Florists’ Containers
8633100 Blue Enamel Vase in Two Sizes
Prices Small £20 Large £24
Imitation Purple Artichokes
BKMM255 Realistic Artichokes
Price £4 50
Metal Birds Garden Ornaments
7938400 Pendulum Garden Stick with Birds
Price £17
Imitation Peaches
BKMM274 Realistic Peaches
Price £3 25
Colourful Bird Garden Ornaments
4197700 Garden Bird Ornament
Price £24
Imitation Cox Apples
BKOW012 Realistic apples
Price £3 25
Rust/Green Mixed Autumnal Flower Arrangement
A gorgeous autumn seasonal flower arrangement, complete with Venetian style vase.
Imitation Apples
BKOW013 Realistic apples
Price £3 25
Wooden ‘At Anchor’ Boat Models
wooden boats in two sizes
Small £11.99 Large £17.99
Imitation Green Apples
BKMM045 realistic fruit
‘Buoyed’ Coloured Glass String of Floats
Glass Coloured floats 60cm
£19.00 each
Imitation Pears
BKMM047 realistic fruit
Price £3 25
‘Buoyed’ Coloured Single Glass Floats
Glass Floats IN 3 colours and 2 sizes
Large 95cm dia £45.00 Small 30cm dia £12.00
Imitation Red Apples
BKMM046 Rosy Red Apples
Price £3 25
‘Cast Iron Investment’ Pair of Birds
Cast Iron Birds 86032 4cm High
£4.99 for the pair
Imitation Pomegranates
BKMM049 Realistic Pomegranates
Price £3 25
‘Cast Iron Investment’ Family of Mice
Cast iron mice
From £2.99 each
Coloured Glass Bead Wind Chimes
2562700 String of Coloured Beads
Price £6 99
Pair of Metal Birds
7196800 Metal Robins
Price £2 99 each
Metal Dog & Cat Ornaments
7883300 Iron Lacquered Cat & Dogs Ornaments
Price £5 99 Each
Range of Ceramic Jar Vases
Lovely Ceramic Vases / Jars
Choice of 3 colours from £24
Metal Cat and Dog Stakes
6047300 Metal Cat/Dog on Stick
Price £17 Each
Frog King & Queen Garden Ornament
5852300 Rocking Royal Frogs
Price £17
Aubergine Green Autumnal Hydrangea Pot
Faux Autumn season Hydrangea in a pot H:480mm
Metal Toucan Stakes
7254400 Metal Birds for the Garden on Stick
Price £17
Fairy Toadstools
1287400 Red Toadstools
Price £3 50
County Kitchen Ceramic Pots with Wooden Tray
Use for plants or for sauces