Emperor & Empress Figures
Emperor & Empress Figures
£27.00 the pair
Range of Ceramic Jar Vases
Lovely Ceramic Vases / Jars
Choice of 3 colours from £24
Hand thrown Ceramic Jugs

£29.00 - £45.00
Rust/Green Mixed Autumnal Flower Arrangement
A gorgeous autumn seasonal flower arrangement, complete with Venetian style vase.
Rainbow Ceramic Cereal/Soup Bowl

Small Bowl £3.99 Larger Pasta Bowl £12.99
County Kitchen Tea Set
10-piece tea set
Rainbow Ceramic Tea Plate

£2.99 each Rainbow Tea Plate
Rainbow Ceramic Dinner Plate

£5.99 each Rainbow Plate
Red and White Patterned Vase Lamp
Rainbow Ceramic Egg Cup

£2.99 each Rainbow Egg Cup
Grey Elephant Ginger Jars
Grey Elephant Ginger Jars
£29.00 - £49.00
Rainbow Ceramic Mug

£2.99 each Rainbow Mug
Set of 3 See No Evil Figures
A set of oriental figures, the set is entitled "See No Evil", with one seeing no evil, one hearing no evil, and one speaking no evil. H:160mm
Oriental Emperor and Empress Figures
Rainbow Ceramic Teapots

Small Tea Pot £6.99 Large Tea Pot £9.99
Rainbow Ceramic Sugar Bowl

£4.99 Rainbow sugar bowl with lid
Rainbow Teacup & Saucer Large & Small

Small £5.99 Large £8.99
Small White Distressed Weave Lantern
A small white, distressed weave lantern capable of emitting a beautiful lattice-like glow whilst candlelit. H:200mm
Small and large Rainbow Ceramic Cream Jugs
Choice of 2 designs
£3.99 Small £7.99 Large